Paperback in Your Hand contest

Paperback in Your Hand contest

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14th... Bog Swamp Boogie

Bog Swamp Boogie, the runner up in the first Paperback in Your Hand contest, is back from its author for a final polishing edit. Next step- Bryan will provide a bio, photo, blurb and anything else he would like to feature in the paperback of his book.

I'm mulling over an "imprint" name for prize winners. These are not official publications, but it might be fun to have a logo. I suppose Paperback in Your Hand Books would be too much of a mouthful? How about PiyH? No? Too difficult to pronounce? Um... PapHand. No, sounds like a worker in a babyfood factory. Time Machine Books? Wish Books? Prize Books? Pride Books? Come on, readers... if you have any brilliant ideas, please let me know in Comments!

Paperback in Your Hand

The first Paperback in Your Hand contest has closed, and the results are in.
Jade and the Rubberfaces, by Catherine Bannister (sf)

Runner Up
Bog Swamp Boogie by Bryan Evans (Aussie animal comedy)

Highly Commended
A New Kind of Normal, by Ian Harrison (ghost/family story)
FireFlight, by Michelle Tatam (YA sf)
Poodlesheep, by Kerri McDonald (animal story)
Wishcraft, by A Seib (YA fantasy)
The Dance of Looks, by Anna Habryn (poetry)

Thank you to everyone who entered. The next round begins tomorrow, April 15th, 2009.